They Call You Coach

They call you coach and with that comes responsibility.  Within the next few weeks, throughout the great state of Texas, thousands of young men and women will put their trust in you because you are their coach.  In a society where single parent homes are more and more prevalent, many will now spend more time with you than they will one of their parents or possibly both. Regardless of the family setting, in many cases, their coach will be the most prominent male or female influence in their life.  What are great responsibility.  Better yet, what a great opportunity.

Whether your athletes will take the field/court on Monday, the next week, or the start of school, as their coach, we all should have the same ultimate goal…make a positive impact.  Whether you are a Junior High coach who will be welcoming athletes to their first day of living their dream, a head coach who will be coaching seniors who will be going around the block for the last time, or somewhere in between, we all should have the same ultimate goal.  Our methods will be different and our results will vary based on numerous factors but there should be one constant…give them your best.  Regardless of the circumstances, give them your best for one reason…you are their coach.

Coach With A Purpose!




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